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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Random Shots on a Casual Sunday Evening

Just Happened to have my husbands D90 in his absence (Of course)....Posting some of the pictures I took on a Nice sunny Sunday Evening. Click on the images to see enlarged pictures.

A Jet leaving it's trace in the sky

Beauty in Wilderness

Trees against sunset backdrop

Wanna play catch

where the sky meets the land

water splashing over a rock

Air China

The Loner

Sweetheart Nidhi with her captivating smile

Majestic entryway to a house

White in all it's Glory

Contrasting Reds

A flower and a bud

Italian Brunch

A Church during Sunset


  1. Cool pictures!

    I like the ones having Nidhi and the sunset one. The loner could have used some more zoom to get more detail :)

  2. Thanks...I think I used complete zoom with the 300 on the Loner....but the bird was too far I guess

  3. The loaner appears to be a Red-winged Blackbird. Though the picture is o.k, it's composition could be made better. Divide the photo frame into 4 vertical divisions. Placing the bird either in 1st or 4th division can make this a better picture.